rings and bracelets with your custom engraving

@sayit.ring – are rings and bracelets made from stainless steel, with the your word or phrase engraved.

Each ring and bracelet is custom made.
One ring can fit up to 10-15 characters.
One bracelet can fit up to 20-25 characters.
You can place your engraving on one or two rings.
Engraving can be made on both sides of the ring or bracelet.

• minimalistic design
• easy regulated
• steel
• unisex
• for children and adults

Stainless steel ring - 15 euro.
Stainless steel bracelet - 25 euro.
Payment should be made by transferring to Young Folks bank account after the order is made.

Young Folks LV
Registration Nr. 40008225108

Delivery in Latvia - 3 euros (by Omniva too).
The cost of delivery abroad is determined separately.
1. Take a string or a narrow piece of paper.
2. Wrap it once around your finger (or wrist), pulling slightly (as shown).
3. Use a pen to mark the intersection.
4. Remove the string and measure the length with a ruler in cm.

Can I order a ring or bracelet from a different material?
All rings and bracelets are made from one material: stainless steel. Therefore, only silver colour are available.
How durable is the material?
The material is waterproof, rustproof, suitable for daily wear.
Can I change the size of the ring or bracelet?
Our rings have little flexibility. If you want, you can make it a little smaller or larger. Our bracelets are pretty flexible, so you can adjust them.
Can the inside of the ring or bracelet be engraved?
Yes. To do this, when ordering on the website in the column *Your engraving*, write down your wishes regarding engraving.
Can I order delivery for a gift ring or bracelet?
Yes, delivery is carried out both in Latvia (most often through Omniva parcel terminals) and abroad by mail (the cost of a parcel is calculated individually for each order).
If I live in Riga, can I pick up the order myself?
Yes, for this, when ordering on the website in the column *Comment* please write down that you want to pick up the order from our office. We will contact you with details.
How long does it take to prepare an order?
Usually it takes up to 2 weeks to produce, pack and deliver an order, delivery by Omniva takes a couple of days. On holidays, production may take a little longer.
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