about us
Young Folks is a youth community, based in Riga, Liepaja,
Daugavpils and Jelgava. The main age of our youngsters is 12-25 y.o.
We want every young person to have an opportunity of selffulfilment,
of finding their favourite occupation, earning their
money on that and being happy.
Our team consists of 20 leaders (14-25 y.o), each of them is working individually and is self-developing in his own direction, but is having an idea of the whole Young Folks structure. Such approach allows the team to work cohesively and purposefully, using organisation's inner resources. Young Folks is an independent part of the society, where young people themselves are the main driving force.
what is important for us
Freedom in self-expression and self-realization.
We are all very different, and it's great that we can all be ourselves and do what we want.

Life is not what happens after work or on weekends.
Life is what is happening every second. And this is why we believe that the work has to be your favorite thing, that develops you and helps you to grow and self-fulfill. "Create your own. Activate your potential. Think big. Be inspired and get good emotions at work. Work only where you are happy "- these are the main principles in choosing the cause of your life.

Informal approach to education.
We love to learn and believe that the most important thing in education is interest. We learn on equal terms and we know that every participant in the educational process is equally valuable.

We know that there is nothing more valuable for self-development than personal experience. We undertake a variety of tasks and constantly learn something new from each other.

Social responsibility.
We know that we are responsible for the future of our youth. We believe that we can develop the districts, fill the leisure of young people and create a better society. We are ready to invest our resources in the community and we often volunteer - helping the world, we learn responsibility and humanity.

We always say yes.
We openly accept new ideas and suggestions, looking for the ways to implement them.

We are all different - and we accept each other. We support each other and create a warm atmosphere, where everyone can feel comfortable, being together with like-minded people.

Among us there are people of different nationalities. We speak many languages and learn new with pleasure. We respect different cultures and explore our differences with curiosity.

We appreciate the conscious approach: to ourselves (the desire for self-development) and to the world (caring about the environment).

Age, gender, nationality, social status and other features can not allow anyone to judge us in advance. We communicate with each other on equal terms and we are sure that every opinion is valuable.

Be everywhere at the same time.
We are not attached to one city or one country and we see no limits - so we can be anywhere. Right now our youngsters are working on projects in Riga, enjoying the weather in Portugal, study art in London and discover the streets of Tel Aviv. Yes, it is possible!
our story
It all began in 2012, when Alexander (Young Folks founder) started to organize leisure for a younger brother and his 14-15 y.o. friends. The first trip along Amata river, first movie nights, first trip to Armenia within Erasmus+ program - these were small steps towards
creating a large community. The willingness to engage youth gathered together 25 like-minded people. With them
work on the projects, on organisation of the events and travels continued.
In 2013 we began to engage teenagers, and then kids, as well. In 2014 we started to form the team and
develop social entrepreneurship. In 2014 we started to work on projects, created the structure and the strategy of our organisation. In 2016-2017 we optimized YF Travel, YF School, and YF Club projects. In 2018 our artistic workshop, photo studio, office, contracts with schools, swimming pool and dance studio came up. By the year 2020 we are planning to build a network of non-formal education centres.
More than 400 participants (12-25 y.o)
About 200 children (7-11 y.o)
More than 5000 subscribers (parents, friends, supporters)
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